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Tax updates

Budget 2017 delivers tax bombshell for investors

The sting in the tail for investors was Chancellor Hammond's cut in the dividend tax allowance - down to £2,000 annually from the previous £5,000.

Budget 2013: Fuel Duty cancelled

The Chancellor has announced that this year's September's fuel duty increase will be cancelled.

Budget 2013 - Childcare Vouchers

New tax-free childcare vouchers have been announced for working families as part of this year's budget reforms.

Budget 2013 - Help to Buy scheme

George Osborne has announced a new 'Help to Buy' scheme for first time buyers looking to get on the property market.

Budget 2013 - Tax breaks for AIM shares

The Chancellor has announced that the government will be removing stamp duty from the sale of AIM shares.

Budget 2012 - tax relief

The government has set a new cap on income tax relief.

Budget 2012 - offshore loophole closed

The government has closed a loophole around the payment of stamp duty land tax.

Budget 2012 - Stamp Duty land tax rate

The government has introduced a lighter version of the proposed 'mansion tax' that will introduce a higher rate of stamp duty on properties over £2 million.

Budget 2012 Updates takes a look at a number of changes

CD trading VAT loophole to close

A VAT loophole that allowed Guernsey and Jersey-based traders to avoid VAT is to be closed by the government.

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