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Tax Q&A articles tagged with term 'Personal tax questions'

Q&A Taper relief and indexation relief on CGT

Q: I was out of the country at the time of the Pre-Budget Report.

Q&A Is there a capital gains tax exemption when selling off part of my private land?

There does exist a capital gains tax exemption for principal private residence which includes grounds that do not exceed half a hectare.

Q&A When is it appropriate to claim a wear and tear allowance versus the renewals allowance?

This might be a common situation for people who decide to let their flat furnished either after moving or relocating.

Q&A What tax rate can I expect on my savings account?

The first step is to identify you're correct level of personal allowance. This depends on several things, including your age, marital status and any recognised disabilities.

Q&A In what ways does my marital status affect my taxes?

Married couples and civil partners are treated as two independent entities for the purpose of paying tax (though not when it comes to claiming tax credits).

Q&A How does Gift Aid work?

Gift aid is a scheme only available to UK taxpayers. You may often come across it when entering museums or dealing with other institutions which are registered charities.

Q&A What taxes am I liable for when inheriting money from abroad?

Let's take an example. You are a British citizen living in the UK but you have an elderly relative who lives elsewhere in the EU who passes away, leaving you a cash sum.