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Personal Summary of main changes to Personal Tax Rules 2010-11

In 2010–11, public finances continue to be dominated by the aftermath of the global financial crisis and recession, with a pressing need to cut government borrowing.

Personal HMRC interventions begin targeting property letting

Accountant and business adviser PKF is urging those who receive an ‘intervention’ letter not to ignore it – even if they have not made profits on their letting.

Updates Tax changes for 2011–12: Paying and reclaiming tax

The arrangements allowing small businesses to request extra time to pay their taxes (Business Payment Support Service) are to continue for now.

Business HMRC turns the heat up...make sure you don’t get burnt

In recent weeks, HM Revenue & Customs announced the latest measure in its fight against tax dodgers.


Business Implications of Redknapp acquittal

Paul Samrah, a partner at accountancy concern Kingston Smith spoke to to discuss the issues regarding Harry Redknapp's acquittal on charges on tax evasion.


Business Visiting Treasure Islands recently spoke to Nicholas Shaxson, the author of a book examining the world of tax havens entitled Treasure Islands.

Business Bankers in tax sting

A number of senior bankers have been arrested as part of an investigation by HMRC into tax evasion.


Business Plumbers face flush

Plumbers are being targeted as part of a tax evasion campaign.

Business Tax dodging taxi firms taken to task

HMRC announced a new taskforce to tackle tax evasion by taxi firms covering the areas of Nottinghamshire, Yorkshire, Leicestershire and Derbyshire.

Personal HMRC deliver 'hat trick'

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has announced that it won three court decisions against tax avoidance schemes in July.