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Updates Businesses could face a higher rate of stamp duty land tax

Small and medium businesses (SMEs) have been warned to finalise quickly any purchase of more expensive properties or face an increased stamp duty land tax (SDLT).

Updates Budget 2011: Business tax updates

The headline change for businesses in the 2011 Budget was the two per cent reduction in corporation tax, which was 1 per cent higher than the cut already announced.

Business Company car tax to change

Company car tax rates will be lifted in 2014–15 and again for the two years after.

Business Business records checks re-launched

HMRC has decided to re-launch business records checks following an extensive redesign of the system.

Business HMRC awards tax winners

Winners of the HMRC External Engagement Awards 2012 have been announced.

Business Gaming machine operators face last chance

Only a few days remain for bookmakers, casinos and amusement arcades to register for the new Machine Games Duty.

Business Businesses warned on late VAT

HMRC has said it plans to warn as many as 50,000 businesses that have failed to submit VAT returns this month.

Business HMRC counts down to RTI

HMRC has started counting down to the day when Real Time Information (RTI) changes apply to PAYE systems.

Q&A How many people are enrolled in PAYE?

Today there are more than 30 million people involved in PAYE. That figure is more than double the number in 1944 which is around the time it was first brought in.

Q&A What are the common errors in PAYE?

Over 80 per cent of errors in employee data are due to incorrect names, birth dates or National Insurance numbers.