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Personal 'Most Wanted' tax cheats exposed

HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) will today publish online pictures of 'Most Wanted' tax fugitives in an effort to hunt down the UK's biggest tax cheats.


Business Porn boss jailed for VAT fraud

Kenneth Drake, from Chatham, Kent, was jailed today after pleading guilty to submitting false VAT repayment claims to HMRC.


Business Charity fraudster jailed

The treasurer of a Christian charity has been jailed for five years after stealing £500,000 through false Gift Aid claims.

Personal Tax fraud gambler caught

A financial adviser who helped a client reclaim £900,000 in VAT and then gambled some of the proceeds has been jailed.

Personal Second Vantis accountant found guilty

A second tax adviser working for Vantis Tax group has been jailed for his part in a £70 million tax fraud.

Business Foreign companies face tax crackdown

David Cameron has demanded an investigation into large-scale tax avoidance enjoyed by international conglomerates.

Business International arms smuggler jailed

An international arms dealer has been found guilty for illegally supplying ammunition to Nigeria from China.

Business Last gang member jailed

The last member of a gang who helped set up a fake company to defraud HMRC of £131 million in tax has been jailed.

Business Apple paid only 1.9% tax

Tech giant Apple only paid 1.9 per cent of tax outside of the US in the past year, it has been discovered.

Personal HMRC warns tax cheats

HMRC has launched a new advertising campaign warning people to declare their income before it is too late.