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Q&A Offsetting trading losses against PAYE

Q: If, whilst employed and paying tax, I set up as a sole trader as well, can I offset any trading losses against the PAYE I pay through my self-assesment?

Q&A Declaring a second income

Q: I am employed and pay tax and national insurance contributions. However outside of this work I make money as a contractor in another business.

Q&A Claiming tax relief

When running your own business from home there are a number of items you can claim tax relief for. It is important to claim all tax reliefs in order to maximise your income.

Q&A Paying corporation tax in two countries

Q: I have a registered UK company and am currently working in the US for a company.

Q&A Employee and employer NICs on car allowances

We have received a direct query from a reader regarding the practicalities of dealing with this opportunity on an ongoing basis and thought the response would be of interest to other readers.

Q&A Carrying over trading losses

Q: I have a small business set up to trade in furniture which has incurred losses, all encapsulated in my director's loan.

Q&A Tax efficiency opportunities

Q: I am setting up a small UK company to partner with UK universities and other education institutions, to develop UK accredited education programmes to 'sell' to sister companies to deliver in

Q&A Is redundancy pay taxable?

Q&A What are the latest rates for Statutory Payments?

The short answer is that the rate of Statutory Payments remains the same as changes in 2008. However, in case you or your employer does not seem aware of them, they are briefly outlined below.