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Essential data security measures you need to be using

One of the most important aspects of dealing with a client's financial details is making sure that any data provided to you is kept secure.

When it comes to taxation matters this takes on a whole new dimension, as this area is often seen by many as the most private and confidential aspect of all.

With the reliance on IT systems and electronic communications that any successful business now has, your priorities have to include making sure that your company is achieving the highest possible levels of essential data security.

Major concern

The fact that vulnerabilities and exploits are inherent aspects of any code-based system means that malicious and criminal individuals and organisations will always be looking for ways to make use of them.

Thankfully there are some basic steps that can be taken that can severely limit exposure to threats and in some cases eradicate them completely.


Financial and tax data, client and employee personal details are all examples of information that could be damaging to your company if they feel into the wrong hands. Software updates are something that should be a scheduled part of your IT strategy as more recent versions of software are constantly tweaked and released to combat threats and deal with vulnerabilities.


Backing up your data is another obvious basic step that is often overlooked because it is so simple. sometimes malicious activities are more aimed at causing damage than actually stealing data, so being able to get back up and running immediately after an event can be a make or break option

Employee training

Some of the biggest hacks and leaks come about through 'social engineering' or what is more commonly known as 'scamming'.

Combating this is not just about employee education to make sure they are aware of risks, it is about creating a culture in the workplace where best practice in IT security comes as second nature.

Sometimes this can be things as simple as making sure people understand the need for passwords that are hard to crack and logging out of application once they have finished with them.

Physical measures

Of course as with any other aspect of security there is a physical element to keeping data safe. Having a well thought out and designed server room build is something that can help eliminate problems from the very start and allow you to set the foundations for a secure IT environment.

Using a professional server means you benefit from the very latest methods and process when it comes to data security measures and having a secure server room.


Vulnerability and penetration testing should be carried out regularly as it is really the only way to find out if the measures you have in place are actually working.

As part of an ongoing security plan this will help your business adapt and move forward, especially when any changes to existing systems are made or new hardware or software introduced.

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