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Tax changes

Personal HMRC to tax fund 'cashback'

HMRC is set to tax bonuses paid on funds within the industry, as supermarket and credit card cashback schemes could be next.

Personal HMRC to close Enquiry Centres

From June, HMRC will pilot a new programme which will offer more flexible support to 1.5 million customers who need it.

Personal Tax simplification proposals put foward

The Office of Tax Simplification (OTS) has put forward proposals on how to make tax simpler - especially for British pensioners.

Personal Child benefit letters to be sent

It is thought up to one million letters will be issued during November to families affected by child benefit changes.

Personal Child benefit to be cut

This Autumn, households with one person earning over £50,000 will experience changes to claiming child benefit.

Business Company car tax to change

Company car tax rates will be lifted in 2014–15 and again for the two years after.

Updates Tax changes for 2011–12: Income tax and allowances

In 2011–12, the personal allowance for people under age 65 will rise by £1,000 to £7,475.

Updates Tax changes for 2011–12: Introduction

In 2010, the election of a new government after the first Budget, and the continuing fallout from the global financial crisis, led to two Budgets and three finance acts being enacted.