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Personal Tax Returns

Personal Tax Returns 2012/13

We take you through the basics of filing your tax return in plenty of time for this year's October deadline.

Personal 850,000 fined for late tax returns

Almost a million taxpayers have been fined for filing their self assessment tax return late, HMRC has announced.

Personal Record 9.6m tax returns on time

A record 9.6 million people have submitted their tax return online this year, HMRC has revealed today.

Personal Five ways to reduce your tax bill

With the 31 January tax return deadline fast approaching, The Telegraph has come up with five ways to reduce your tax bill.

Personal Updated tax app launched

More than 250,000 people have downloaded HMRC's tax calculator app to work out how much tax they need to pay.

Personal 500,000 expect penalty

This week nearly 500,000 people in the  UK can expect to receive a penalty worth at least £1,200

Personal Charity begins with a credit card

These are tough times for many charities, simply because people have less money to give.

Q&A Employee and employer NICs on car allowances

We have received a direct query from a reader regarding the practicalities of dealing with this opportunity on an ongoing basis and thought the response would be of interest to other readers.