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Personal Allowance

Personal Allowances: What are yours?

Most people are entitled to an allowance to deduct from their income tax-free. Do you know what you're entitled to?

Personal Budget 2013 - 400,000 more to be taxed at 40%

George Osborne has fuelled outrage with one in six taxpayers now paying tax at the 40 per cent higher rate.

Personal Budget 2013 - Personal Allowance increased

The Personal Allowance has been increased to £10,000 as part of this year's budget reforms.

Personal 2011 Finance Act Income Tax and Allowances

There were no surprises in the Finance Act 2011 regarding income tax rates or allowances.

Updates Income tax changes in 2011

There have been small but significant changes to the thresholds in the 2011 income tax system, which will result in thousands of taxpayers being placed in new tax bands.