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Personal Offshore assets: what do you need to know?

Accountancy firm BDO lay out the common queries about the tax benefits of keeping assets offshore.

Personal HMRC renews offshore threat

HMRC has reissued its threat to clamp down on those taxpayers who hold offshore accounts and keep them a secret.

Personal Guardian exposes suspected tax evasion

High-profile figures holding offshore accounts have been exposed today in an article by The Guardian newspaper.

Business Morgan Stanley scheme beaten

FTSE 100 company Land Securities has lost a court battle with HMRC over trying to cheat the UK out of £60 million.

Updates Budget 2012 - offshore loophole closed

The government has closed a loophole around the payment of stamp duty land tax.

Business Visiting Treasure Islands recently spoke to Nicholas Shaxson, the author of a book examining the world of tax havens entitled Treasure Islands.