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National Insurance

Business Budget 2013- Changes to National Insurance

The government is to cut £2,000 off the bill of every company in the UK through a new Employment Allowance.

Updates Budget 2011: Government to consult on NI and income tax merger

The government is to look at merging income tax and National Insurance, chancellor of the exchequer George Osborne has announced.

Updates Budget 2011: National Insurance

The government has announced that it is beginning a consultation on merging National Insurance and income tax, although it is expected that such a change, if it goes ahead at all, will take a numbe

Updates Tax changes for 2011–12: National insurance

The level of earnings (primary threshold) up to which no Class 1 national insurance contributions are paid will increase to £7,228 (£139 a week) in 2011–12.

Business Summary of main business tax changes for 2010-11

In this article we cover taxes relating to employees, VAT, PAYE, the Annual Investment Allowance, capital allowances, National Insurance and business rates.

Q&A Employee and employer NICs on car allowances

We have received a direct query from a reader regarding the practicalities of dealing with this opportunity on an ongoing basis and thought the response would be of interest to other readers.

Business Reclaiming National Insurance on car allowances

Paul Webb, a tax partner at accountancy firm Robert James Partnership, highlights a recent legal case that showed it is possible to rec