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inheritance tax

Personal Domicile for inheritance tax purposes

Q. Why is domicile important for inheritance tax purposes?

Personal A Sunny Place for Shady People

Somerset Maugham's description of Monaco has more recently been appropriated by Vince Cable.

Personal Top three ways to manage inheritance tax

If you think you those who inherit your estate will have to pay Inheritance Tax, here are three things you can do to reduce the final bill.

Personal How to plan for inheritance tax

The What Investment Guide to Personal Tax 2012-2013 offers advice on the best ways to reduce your inheritance tax bill:

Q&A Can I deal with inheritance tax through Self Assesment?

There is no space on the tax return for inheritance tax.

Q&A What taxes am I liable for when inheriting money from abroad?

Let's take an example. You are a British citizen living in the UK but you have an elderly relative who lives elsewhere in the EU who passes away, leaving you a cash sum.

Personal The inheritance tax waltz

Avoiding the sting of inheritance tax can be mitigated through careful planning

Personal Tax benefits of getting married

Need pros and cons advice about tying the knot? Ask your accountant.

Personal Share your wealth

A look at minimising your Inheritance Tax bill through careful planning.

Personal Inheritance Tax incentives for charitable giving

The Government wishes to encourage higher levels of charitable giving.