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Income Tax

Personal Non-taxable income: what counts?

It is important to know what income is non-taxable and can be ignored in your calculations for tax purposes.

Personal What is a tax code?

Get taken through all the basic queries about working out tax codes to make sure your tax affairs are in order.

Personal Paying debts through PAYE

What are the common questions associated with paying back old tax debt to HMRC through the PAYE system?

Business Tips for paying HMRC

Many small businesses pay HMRC quarterly. For these employers, the first payment deadline of the tax year is now approaching.

Personal What is a P45?

We break down what you need to know about a P45 form and what it entitles you to.

Personal Child Benefit - do you qualify?

Changes have been made so check here to see if you and your family are still entitled to receive Child Benefit payments.


Personal Wealthy hand over £220m

A special unit dealing with the country’s wealthiest taxpayers brought in £220 million of extra tax last year.

Personal Ray Winstone to quit UK

Actor Ray Winstone has threatened to leave the UK over the way the government spends tax revenue.

Personal Tax reliefs to change in April

From April 2013 there will be a cap on the amount of income tax relief that individuals can claim.

Q&A Is it true that Income Tax is temporary?

Strictly speaking it is true. Income tax is temporary.