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Child benefit

Personal Child benefit could be a problem for HMRC

Experts from financial firm Baker Tilly have shown that HMRC could be in for a headache following the new child benefit rules.

Personal Child Benefit - do you qualify?

Changes have been made so check here to see if you and your family are still entitled to receive Child Benefit payments.


Updates Budget 2013 - Childcare Vouchers

New tax-free childcare vouchers have been announced for working families as part of this year's budget reforms.

Personal Child benefit reminder

HMRC has today issued a reminder to those higher income earners who wish to opt out of child benefit schemes.

Personal Child benefit letters to be sent

It is thought up to one million letters will be issued during November to families affected by child benefit changes.

Personal Fraudsters jailed for £3.8m scam

A Hackney resident will spend seven years in jail after being found guilty of trying to claim £3.8 million falsely.

Personal Child benefit to be cut

This Autumn, households with one person earning over £50,000 will experience changes to claiming child benefit.

Personal Budget 2012 - child benefit

The government has announced plans to cut child benefit to those earning over £50,000.

Personal Child benefit controversy

Baker Tilly has weighed into the controversy over changes to the child benefit system.